Former ‘Dragon’s Den’ judge and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestant Duncan Bannatyne became embroiled in an unusual twitter argument over the weekend, when a 12-year-old boy asked him for some business advice. Rocco Rose, a budding entrepreneur, was branded ‘rude’ by Bannatyne after he tweeted him for a second time asking for advice.

Duncan BannatyneDuncan Bannatyne has got into a twitter argument with a 12-year-old budding entrepreneur.

Referring to a previous tweet, Rose tweeted Bannatyne saying: 'Hey, I asked you for an idea for another business plan of what I can do. I took up buying and selling stuff online. Thank you!’ However the 66-year-old didn't seem to be in a helpful mood.

'I know you did and I ignored you. Who do you think you are?’ Bannatyne replied. ‘A young boy wishing to grow up like you a entrepreneur I look up to you,’ Rose answered. ‘ I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway I just want to be like you,’ the 12-year-old added.

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When another twitter user then told Bannatyne Rose was just ‘a kid asking for advice,’ the businessman responded: ‘Nope it is a "kid" demanding advice & not for the first time I can't answer all tweets.’

Bannatyne also claimed that the boy had deleted an earlier ‘rude’ tweet. Another twitter user, Jason Rose, who is thought to be the boy’s father, then got involved calling Bannatyne “a bully” and “arrogant”. 'He was not rude he [is] a well mannered lad, you was wrong. Be a man and apologise he [is] a 12-year-old boy,'  Jason Rose wrote.

He then went on to challenge the ‘Dragon’s Den’ alumni to a boxing match, writing: ‘Duncan I challenge you to a boxing match, to sort this out all money to go to charity, you can't speak to my son like that.’

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Rose said: ‘I was so angry he had been that rude because Rocco really looks up to him. Looking at Duncan Bannatyne and everything he has, he doesn't need to be like that to people who admire him.’

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‘Rocco is a nice young lad who is well educated and he doesn't need anyone kicking him down like that. I've told him not to get discouraged and to keep going with everything he's doing.’ Rocco himself added: ‘I was really excited to get a reply but then really disappointed with what it said.’

‘I feel upset and ashamed and disappointed. For the person I have been admiring all my life to send me that reply is really upsetting. I still admire him and look up to him but I can't believe he replied like that.’