Review of Blasé Boys Club Part 1 EP by Duke Dumont

'Blasé Boys Club Part 1' is the first in a series of EPs from DJ and producer Duke Dumont and is set to be released on October 2nd 2015. 

Duke Dumont Blasé Boys Club Part 1 EP

Lead track 'Ocean Drive' is a majestic beginning with a more mature sound from the British producer, kicking off proceedings with an 80s disco pop feel.

There's a definite change in direction coming through, there's your typical mainstream Duke Dumont tracks, mixed in with tracks like 'Robert Talking' featuring 80s singer Robert Owens. The seven minute song is fun yet suave, Owens' singing adding a sexy tone to the track, and the funky guitars and light beats are reminiscent of Daft Punk's mega hit 'Get Lucky'. Perfect for the Ibiza closing parties. 

'Melt' is another new turn; soulful vocals and a house groove add to the slower pace, demonstrating Dumont's ability to be versatile. It's a great track to wind down to and a far cry from mainstream hit 'Need U 100%'.

Final track 'Won't Look Back' was a worldwide chart favourite upon its release and remains a festival staple. Propelling Dumont as a top producer and DJ, and featuring the astonishing vocals from Yolanda Quartey, the song puts the Duke in Duke Dumont.

Part 1 of the EP collection gives fans of Dumont a versatile sound, with 'Melt' being the firm highlight.


Chloe Dobinson

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