Review of Rum and Coke Album by Dub Pistols

Review of Dub Pistols album Rum And Coke.

Dub Pistols Rum and Coke Album

This is a smooth and groovy party album, with some tenacious beats that will fill the unused interstices inside your head like expanding foam. Warning! If you're listening to the Dub Pistols while walking down the street you'll unwittingly adopt a funky swagger that may amuse bus passengers.

As you move and sway in time to the 4th studio album from these masters of big beat, ska and dub reggae, you'll be treated to a smorgasbord of guest vocals that soak up the tasty rhythmical gravy of bass, turntables and horns.

Ashley Slater who rose to recognition with the band Powerfreak, formed with Norman Cook back in the pre-Fatboy days of 1993, lays down some smoky vocals on the keystone tracks 'Back to Daylight' and 'Everyday Stranger'. He then wraps the album up nice and warm with the finale 'Song for Summer', a treat for the ears, with distinct Lemon Jelly vibrations.

The rich and varied vocals from Lindy Layton, TK, Rodney P and Justin Robertson add to the multi-faceted feel of the album, which I could happily leave spinning for hours without boredom. My award for favourite cameo going out to the most high Gregory 'cool ruler' Isaacs. Whoever said Ganja prohibited productivity never met this Jedi of the Rastafarian order. With 500 albums to his legacy, Isaacs injects a lethal dose of roots reggae straight into the spine on the track 'six months'

As Sherlock Holmes would have undoubtedly agreed, I don't think there's need for any further evidence. the Dub Pistols are smokin'.

Rating 8/10

Rory Taylor

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