Dua Lipa was ''really high on sugar'' when she wrote 'Levitating'.

The pop superstar spent two weeks in Jamaica writing the songs for her acclaimed second album, 'Future Nostalgia', and every night she and her team chowed down on jerk chicken, but when they couldn't write anymore, they'd order doughnuts to get their energy levels up.

And they ended up writing the funky dance track after a sugar rush, which seemingly inspired the lyric: ''My sugar boo, I'm levitating.''

Speaking to the August issue of ELLE UK magazine - of which she is the cover star - Dua said: ''We spent some time in Jamaica and wrote for two weeks, and it rained the whole time. We were inside eating jerk chicken, rice and peas for two weeks straight, and every session ended up in a dance party. Every song gave us a new emotion.

''I made the album with my friends, and there was no pressure. It was all about letting loose. If we weren't able to write songs, we'd order doughnuts, and get really high on sugar and then write a song like 'Levitating.'''

Meanwhile, the 'New Rules' hitmaker insisted that with everything she does, she always channels both her Kosovan and English heritage.

The 24-year-old singer said: ''Both places are part of me. So much of what I do is in twos. I like juxtapositions in my music and what I wear. I feel like my dual heritage, being from two places at once, with all of those things trickling into the other, is what makes me, me.''

Dua is grateful to her parents for allowing her to move to London when she was just 15 to pursue her music career.

She added: ''I couldn't do music the way that I wanted to in Kosovo. Maybe things would've been different if streaming services were as prominent as they are now but, for me, London was always home, and I found my footing very quickly.''

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