Dua Lipa didn't realise 'Break My Heart' had similarities to Inxs' 'Need You Tonight' until it was complete.

The 24-year-old singer gave a credit to the group's Andrew Farriss and the late Michael Hutchence for the track on her new album 'Future Nostalgia' because she didn't want to ''get sued'', but she admitted the likenesses between the melody of the two tracks wasn't intentional.

Asked about the credit, she told Billboard's 'Pop Shop' podcast: ''When we were in the studio, we didn't quite connect the dots. We were just like, 'Oh yeah, this is great!' We were on such a high and we were just working on it, and then I listened back, and I was like 'Hold on, guys...' ...

''The guys at INXS, the people that are looking after the publishing, were very nice and they really liked the song, so we gave them a publishing credit, a writing credit on the track, because it was only fair, and it just brought nostalgia even more to the forefront, you know? It confirmed that part for us.

''It was a funny moment when we were like, 'Eureka!' And then, 'Oh, wait a second...' ... I'm not trying to get sued, is kind of the moral of the story.''

When it came to choosing the tracks for the album, Dua opted for those she could see performing at her ''dream'' gig at the Glastonbury festival.

She explained: ''If I could imagine it at a festival -- like Glastonbury is always my little dream bubble that comes up -- I'm like, 'If I can perform this song at Glastonbury then it should go on the record'.''

Ahead of the release of the album, Dua released the single 'Don't Start Now' and she admitted she was very nervous about letting fans hear it.

She said: ''I had never been so scared to release a song. But I loved the song and I was so proud of it and I was so happy to put it out and it be so different from what I had done before. I guess people's response, that was the win for me. ... I knew that me being out of my comfort zone and making this record was the right decision.''