Dua Lipa does a ''secret handshake'' before she goes on stage.

The 21-year-old singer has admitted she has certain rituals she carries out with her team before she graces the stage to perform, which sees her carry out a choreographed greeting.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''Me and my band have a secret handshake that we do before we go on stage.''

However, the brunette beauty has refused to let anyone cheers her with water before she starts her set, because she has previously had a bad experience.

She added: ''Also no one is allowed to 'cheers' with water because that's super bad luck.

''They did that once before a show in Sweden and everything went t*ts up. I turned round - 'I told you' - and they've never done that again.''

Meanwhile the 'Hotter Than Hell' is set to perform alongside Bruno Mars during the Australia leg of his tour next year, which she is ''really excited'' about.

She previously said: ''I'm really excited. I can't wait to share the stage with Bruno. I'm excited to watch him work. And I'm really looking forward to get to experience that with an artist like Bruno who's so established.

''It's exciting to get to watch him now just do massive arenas and stadiums. There's a lot to aspire to.''