Dua Lipa claims ''a lot of people doubted'' her singing ability.

The 21-year-old singer has admitted when she was first trying to break the music industry she had little support, and was regularly told her dream of being a successful musician wouldn't come true.

She told Grazia magazine: ''Before I had any music out, a lot of people doubted me when I said I was a singer.''

But the brunette beauty has revealed the response to her career choice has since changed.

She explained: ''Now, they're messaging me 'Oh my god, I like that song!' and I'm like 'Yeah motherf***er you never believed I was going to release music.''

Meanwhile, the 'Scared To Be Lonely' hitmaker believes her life is a ''constant flow of embarrassment'' because she claims she does a lot of ''stupid stuff'', although she cannot pick one singular thing in particular that has left her utterly humiliated.

Speaking about the most cringe-worthy thing she has ever done, the songwriter said: ''My life is a constant flow of embarrassment. I do so much stupid stuff that it's hard to single anything out.''

Although she has recalled a time when she cut her own hair.

She said: ''I cut my own fringe once and it was a f***ing disaster.''