Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid have ''made the most'' out of their time together in lockdown.

The 'Don't Start Now' singer has admitted she has been grateful for the extra time she's had with the 21-year-old model - who she started dating just over a year ago - and insisted they are focusing on the ''bright side'' of the pandemic.

Dua told the August issue of ELLE UK - of which she is the cover star - that: ''We've made the most of the situation. I'd probably have been planning to go on tour, and thinking about when we'd be able see each other. Having all that extra time was really nice. We're trying to see the bright side.''

And whilst the 24-year-old pop star admitted it's difficult to think about the ''upsides'' when there is so much suffering in the world, Dua insisted there's been some positive outcomes, such as the planet getting a ''breather'' when less traffic was on the roads and families and friends connecting in new ways.

She said: ''It felt like, while we were taking a break, we were also taking a break from what we're doing to our Earth.

''And it was nice to kind of see it almost replenishing a little bit every morning while people weren't really going out in their cars as much and staying inside.

''I think everything's kind of taken a breather. It's difficult to think of upsides when there has been so much suffering. But we have to try to stay positive, and see the connection that we have with other people; calling our friends and our family and spending a little bit of time outside in the sunshine. Those are the things to be grateful for in the midst of everything that's happening.''

And the Grammy-winner also believes the world will become a better place, because people will be less ''careless'' and more ''empathetic''.

She added to the publication: ''I think our world is probably going to change forever. I think we'll probably tread differently with Mother Nature; we probably won't be as careless as we have been in the past. I think we'll be more empathetic. I think we'll make moments count. We won't take things for granted. Hopefully we get some good lessons out of it, and out of this time. Maybe we will see a major positive outcome come from this, though sadly on the basis that so many lives will have been lost.''

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