Actress PHOEBE CATES KLINE is stunning fans and peers by staffing her own New York boutique. The Drop Dead Fred star, who is married to Kevin Kline, opened the Blue Tree toy store on Madison Avenue last year (05) but her friends and fans didn't expect to see her behind the counter. And when Dana Delany and Timothy Hutton dropped by during a break in filming new TV show KIDNAPPED they were stunned to come face to face with Cates Kline. Delany recalls, "Tim and I took a walk up Madison Avenue and I said, 'I think Phoebe Cates' store is here,' and it was right on the corner from where we were shooting. "It's a wonderful store called Blue Tree. We walked in and there was Phoebe; she works at her own store!" Delany is now hooked on the kid's gift store and urges all visitors to New York to check it out: "It's a really good store with a mixture of really interesting clothes and little interesting finds."