Newly-engaged actress Drew Barrymore is planning to take a step back from her career to focus on her love life.
The Charlie's Angels star admits she is less likely to take on acting roles in the future as she wants to focus on her relationship with fiance Will Kopelman.
She tells Usa Today, "I've done all of this for 35 years. I think maybe it's OK to put the life first for a minute. I don't really know this feeling. It's new and exciting... I really love being in love. I am that girl who will sit outside your house in a car at night. And I mean that in a sort of good, committed way, not a psycho-irritant.
"When I'm in love, I really commit myself to things, whether it's work or a person. So when I find that new work love, I'll stalk it."
Art consultant Kopelman proposed to Barrymore in December (11) after the couple had been dating for nearly a year.