Drew Barrymore is obsessed with Olay Daily Facial Cloths.

The 45-year-old actress says the affordable product has made her ''skin washing routine so much more fun'' and admitted she is ''obsessed'' with the wipes.

Speaking in a video on Instagram, she said: ''I want to tell you something I have recently discovered in the last year. It's Olay Daily Facial Cloths. I have gone through many boxes.

''What I love about these cloths is I am an avid face washer, I wash a few times a day - at least twice. I have sensitive skin so for me, less is more, so because I like to wash a lot I keep it really simple. This experience gives me a spa experience every day.

''This is five in one; it's a slight exfoliator, you run it under a bit of water. It's a make-up remover, then it foams and cleans so nicely. It removes dirt, it soothes and smoothes the skin, gentle enough for daily use.

''It has made my skin washing routine so much more fun. I'm 45 years old, I didn't think I could find something that made me really look forward to washing my face. I am obsessed.''

Drew has been sharing beauty advice on her account with the hashtag BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK and previously revealed she wants her older daughter Olive, seven, to take over her Flower Beauty business some day.

She said: ''If she could play with make-up all day long every day, she would be so happy. I always tell her, 'I hope that you maintain your interest in this because if we were ever to be successful enough as a brand to keep going, I would want you to work with us. To run things.' She also wants to be a veterinarian, so we'll see which way the pendulum swings.''