Drew Barrymore is ''inspired'' by obituary notices.

The 'Whip It' star always reads death notices in newspapers because they encourage her to live a ''better life'' and she feels that all ''responsible citizens'' have a duty to go beyond the front pages and headlines.

Discussing the 'Drew's News' segment which will feature in her eponymous new talk show, she said: ''I'm an obsessive information, news and pop-culture junkie.

''When I aggregate so much information for myself, I find a lot of stories so fascinating beyond that front section of the newspaper or the top headline.

''I think ['Drew's News'] is a mixed bag, which is how I like digesting the information of the world -- human interest, weird, fun facts.

''It feels like a newspaper where, to be a responsible citizen, you have to understand what's happening in the front section but also in sports, metro, arts and sciences, business and even obituaries -- which make me want to go and live a better life because someone else did and it's very inspiring.''

The 45-year-old star's talk show is accompanied by four digital docuseries, 'Drew's Movie Nite', 'The Art of the Interview', 'Drew's Cookbook Club' and 'The Making Of The Drew Barrymore Show' and she felt it would be ''informative'' for viewers to see how programmes are made in the age of social distancing.

She told the New York Post newspaper: ''It's my way of avoiding the polish, like, 'Hi, I'm here!'.

''These are such extraordinary times and circumstances and there's so much that takes to get to this moment.

''I thought it might be more informative to tell that journey rather than just see what's out in front.

''I'm so much a part of what this show is, and will be, and as a consumer I want to know why these decisions were made, why this person was picked as a host, what's the reasoning behind this?

''This has been such a wild endeavour that I decided to make a personal, behind-the-scenes documentary about what it's all been like -- so if you really want to know, this is a good way to find out.

''People will see us come out of the gate with even more transparency and inclusion because this show has my name on it -- but what's most compelling for me is what I'm trying to make for other people.''