Drew Barrymore has not “figured out” self-care yet.

The 45-year-old actress - who has eight-year-old Olive and six-year-old Frankie with ex-husband Will Kopelman - took to Instagram to discuss her relationship with making time to focus on herself after taking a “rare” bath and admitted it’s something she’s hoping to feature on her eponymous chat show.

Speaking on an IGTV video titled ‘2021 personal goals come play with me!', she admitted: “I don’t know about that whole self-care and taking more time for yourself. I have not figured that out. I am trying to meet balance where she is at and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.”

Sharing some of her goals for next year, she added: "Healthy is going to be the mission of 2021 and I had a lot of practice with it in 2020 - I will say that.

“Mental, physical, heart, diet, exercise, trying to navigate the new world. Give, see, listen, all of it."

Meanwhile, the '50 First Dates’ star previously revealed she wants her older daughter, Olive, to take over her Flower Beauty business some day.

She said: "If she could play with make-up all day long every day, she would be so happy. I always tell her, 'I hope that you maintain your interest in this because if we were ever to be successful enough as a brand to keep going, I would want you to work with us. To run things.' She also wants to be a veterinarian, so we'll see which way the pendulum swings.”

Drew recently took to Twitter to share how “proud” she is that her own cruelty-free make-up line is available at 3,000 CVS Stores in the US.

She wrote: "I am so proud to say that @flowerbeauty is now available in 3,000 @cvs_beauty stores across the USA ! Have you spotted #FLOWERBeauty at your local @cvspharmacy ?? Tag us if so!! #FLOWERBeauty @ New York, New York (sic)