Drew Barrymore didn't feel "very confident" with her hairstyle at the 1998 Oscars.

The 45-year-old actress has admitted at the time she was insecure about her short choppy tresses with daisies, but now she looks back at the snaps taken at the prestigious awards ceremony and loves her whole look, which was completed with a "ton of body glitter", a brick red lip and a little black dress.

She admitted: "I didn't feel very confident with this haircut, but now looking back on it, I love it. This was before there was so much scrutiny about everybody's hair, make-up, and wardrobe, and I thought that I should wear what I wore in normal life to the Academy Awards. So I picked up some Marguerite daisies from the bodega and put on a ton of body glitter. I'm also a huge fan of a brick red lip because it really warms up your face. I can only imagine what people would have said about this look today." 

Elsewhere, Drew revealed she "fought really hard" for Cinderella to be brunette in 'Ever After: A Cinderella Story'.

The 'Blended' star wanted her character Danielle in the 1998 American romantic drama - which was inspired by the fairytale character - to not be a "beautiful creature with blonde allure" and she was made up when the studio allowed her to make the call.

She told ELLE for their 'Legends Only' series:  "I fought really hard for Cinderella in 'Ever After' to be a brunette - and I am really lucky because the studio let me make the call on it. All past versions of this story are about this beautiful creature with blonde allure, but I wanted this one to be about someone who was both smart and capable. And it worked out really well, because the stepsister Marguerite, ended up being a blonde..The front is my natural hair, but then it's braided into a really long piece. It was the best way to keep my natural hairline while still having the super-long hair."