Two icons of Canadian music met at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend as Drake paid tribute to Celine Dion by saying that he was planning to get a tattoo of her face on his body.

The 30 year old rapper made history at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night (May 21st) as he scooped a record 13 prizes in one evening, shattering the all-time high previously held by Adele. However, his evening of personal highlights didn’t end there, as he met fellow Canadian star Celine Dion, who also performed on the evening, backstage.

In a video clip that has surfaced since, Drizzy looks totally humbled in the presence of pop music royalty, literally bowing down in front of Dion as he paid his respects.

“It means the world, you're very iconic. We love you,” he can be said telling the singer in an audio clip. “I'm like, a year away from a Celine tat,” he added, pointing to his left ribcage.

“Oh, I don’t know,” a rather flattered-looking Celine replied, before introducing her teenage son Rene-Charles, to the rapper.

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Well, Drake mega-fans will know that the star does have previous form in this department, getting a tattoo of the reclusive British soul singer Sade on his torso back in March this year, having met her backstage while on tour in London.

Finally, Dion gave permission for Drake and his musician father, Dennis Graham, who is also a Celine worshipper, to have their photograph taken with her.

Earlier on Sunday evening, 49 year old Dion had performed her hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ at the awards ceremony in order to mark the 20th anniversary of the movie Titanic, the soundtrack from which the multi-million selling hit was taken.

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