Rap megastar Drake interrupted his own performance in Sydney this week in order to call out somebody in the crowd who was sexually harassing female fans.

The Canadian star was in the middle of a set in a club in the Australian city on Wednesday night (November 15th) when he cut the beat of his track ‘Know Yourself’ and stopped, pointing at the man he had spotted in the crowd using his gig as a way to touch up women, and threatened to “come down” and sort him out if he didn’t stop.

“If you don’t stop touching girls I’m going to come out there and f*** you up,” Drake can be seen saying in a video after stopping, mid-song, to raucous cheers. “You need to stop putting your hands on girls or I’m gonna come out there and f***” you up.”

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A video of the incident was captured by a fan standing to the left of the stage, and has been doing the rounds on the internet since. Social media has since been filled with people applauding Drake for his words.

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“I got this close to Drake threatening to start a fight with a guy groping a woman in the audience. Violence against women, 6 God says no,” the fan captioned the clip.

It’s not clear if Drake actually did take any action, but the public shaming seemed to do the trick and he launched back into his set soon afterwards.

DrakeDrake called out a fan for harassing women

Drake isn’t the first musician to call out harassment in the crowd at his shows. Earlier this month, British rapper Loyle Carner ejected one of his fans for shouting sexist comments at a female support act. British punk duo Slaves have also condemned similar behaviour after witnessing it at their gigs.

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