Forget everything you've heard, hitmaker supreme Dr Luke will not be joining the judge's panel on American Idol, despite earlier news. It was reported that Dr Luke would sit alongside returning panel members Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the singing talent contest to judge pop star hopefuls for a 13th season.

Dr Luke Katy Perry
Dr Luke [L] Is The Man Behind Many Popstars.

Luke, with a history of writing hits for former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, as well as P!nk's 'Who Knew' and Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl,' apparently made through the judge's selection process to become one of the last candidates standing after a month's long search for the next discerning talent judge.

Kelly Clarkson
Singers Like Kelly Clarkson Have Dr Luke To Thank For Their Hit Songs.

However, if the Dr, AKA Lucasz Gottwald, takes up a judging position with American Idol, it will prove to be a conflict of interests with Universal Music Group, who have a distribution deal with the Fox show, and Sony Music, the label songwriter Gottwald has been signed to since 2011. As The Hollywood Reporter agrees, it would make little sense for the Dr to spend months nurturing talent for a rival label.

Dr Luke Max Martin
Dr Luke Needs To Keep The Interests Of His Own Music Label In Mind.

Former Idol judge L.A Reid faced a similar conundrum back in the day: his allegiance with Sony led him to join the judging panel on Fox's other talent contest, The X Factor, which has a recording partnership with the music label.

An insider source speaking to THR explained that the man behind so many of pop's best hits came to the realisation that being a judge would too much pressure on his time, especially when his Kemosabe imprint are on the cusp of breaking singer Becky G. "He really loves his artists and wants to build up the label," the source said, and also spoke about the Dr's wider plans: "Luke wants to build an entertainment company ... after a lot of conversations, both Luke and Sony Music CEO Doug Morris came to the mutual agreement that taking Dr. Luke out of the Idol running was the best thing for all parties."

Dr Luke Writes Hits For The Most Prominent Acts Of Today, Including Ke$ha.

The man who gifted the world with Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' needs to keep the interests of the people who are paying him in mind when he's planning new projects. The search for the third American Idol judge is still on then: who'd you like to see mentoring new acts?