As Kesha's case against her former producer Dr. Luke continues, it is revealed that the latter is no longer an affiliate of Sony or its subsidiary label Kemosabe Records. It is unknown whether this is solely down to the Kesha case, or whether their separation had been imminent for other reasons.

[L-R] Dr. Luke pictured with Katy Perry and Max Martin at the 2012 ASCAP Awards[L-R] Dr. Luke pictured with Katy Perry and Max Martin at the 2012 ASCAP Awards

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has left the position of CEO at Kemosabe Records and is no longer able to act on its behalf. Surely that could only mean good things for Kesha, right? With her being stuck in her recording contract and yet no forced to work with Dr. Luke?

Well, not necessarily. Apparently, it was a worry for Kesha that Sony was about to end its deal with Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald), because that meant that the company could no longer act as an intermediary. Plus, Dr. Luke could possibly use his departure as proof that Kesha's 'defamation' claims have affected his career.

It's been more than two years, now, since Kesha accused Dr. Luke of raping her, not paying her enough for her work and being verbally abusive among other things, and perhaps the most shocking moment to come out of the legal campaign since was the judge's refusal to grant an injunction to allow Kesha to record outside of Kemosabe. Most recently she has appealed against a decision not to impose a law regarding the limit of seven years on personal services contract in the entertainment industry.

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It is unclear at this point whether Dr. Luke has been let go by Sony because of the litigious events unfolding, or if he left of his own accord. If it's the former, it certainly can't be down to his own work within the company, as he has been behind number one hits the likes of Pibtull's 'Timber', Katy Perry's 'Roar', Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' and Kesha's own 'Tik Tok'.