Rap superstar Dr Dre once infuriated a neighbour after sneaking into her house and impregnating her 16-year-old daughter. The rapper's mother Verna Griffin was forced to defend her son - real name Andre Young - after his secret affair with Lisa Johnson. In her upcoming tome Long Road Outta Compton, Griffin writes, "One day I received that phone call - the call that all moms of teenagers dread. "Lisa's mom called me to inform me that Andre had been sneaking over to their home and Lisa was now pregnant. When I asked her if she was sure that it was Andre who had been with Lisa, she got very upset. She said, 'If I had come home and caught that n**ger in my house, you would have been picking him up in a box.' Needless to say, the conversation went down from there." Johnson gave birth to Dre's first child, La Tonya Danielle, in 1983.