Dr Dre, Ice Cube and several producers of Straight Outta Compton are being sued by former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller over his portrayal in the music biopic. Heller is played by Paul Giamatti in the movie and has described his characterisation as that of a ‘sleazy thief’.

dr dreDr Dre is being sued by his former manager.

"This is a guy who's been in the music business for six decades, and he still gets up every day and goes to work. And this film characterizes him as a sleazy thief. It's so patently dishonest and inaccurate, he couldn't let it go on," Heller’s lawyer Richard Shapiro told The New York Daily News.

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"He and Eazy-E were like father and son, and depicting him as being fired by Eazy-E, indicting his loyalty and devotion and service, is anything but on the up and up.” he continued. The lawsuit also names NBC Universal, the estate of Eazy-E and Comptown Records among the list of defendants.

"Nobody from the studio or production company ever contacted Jerry at all, which is mind-boggling," Shapiro added."They used his name and likeness without his permission and took material from his book, which has a 2006 copyright, and used it without his consent," he said.

The lawsuit, filed on Friday, claims defamation, trade libel, false light, breach of oral contract and intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage. It is seeking more than $100 million at trial

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"It's ironic, because as this film becomes a global success, grossing more than $200 million, he's being defamed around the world," Shapiro added."The ultimate insult is the depiction of (Heller) being fired by Eazy-E because Eazy-E never fired him in his life. And now Jerry is in this position of having to basically correct the record, because who's going to do business with him now? He still wants to go to work every day.”