The imminent arrival of Dr. Dre’s latest business venture, the streaming service Beats, has got Spotify looking over its green shoulder – and rightly so. With hype building for the Jan. 21 launch, some of Beats’ distinct advantages are being talked about. Instead of concerning itself with the battle for most tracks, Beats uses advanced algorithms in conjunction with human curation, making every interaction you make with the software count.

Dr DreDr Dre Plans To Take Over The World, Sort Of

This truly personalized experience is the fulcrum behind Beats potential success. In addition to this, signing up to work with AT&T might just be the company’s key to dominating the streaming market. Given that the majority of people will want to use the service on the move, going into partnership with the nation’s biggest mobile carrier is beginning to look like a stroke of genius.

It means you can add a $10 Beats Music subscription to their monthly wireless bill – that’s normal – but the the company will sell a discounted $15-per-month family plan that allows up to five people to use Beats at any one time, meaning you can all be chiming along to Beyonce on the subway, if your sonic predilection is so inclined.

“We think we’ll expose streaming services to a much broader audience,” says AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher, who hashed out the deal with Iovine over the last two years. “We’re going to market this in a big way. Our reps will be fired up about the service and they’ll be talking to customers about it.”

We’ve heard about personalized music services before, but Beats seems to be taking it to the next level, building your own musician DNA as you use and integrate with the app. Your gender and age are very important; Beats knows what song was big around your birthday – what songs you would have danced to in a club on your 21st birthday. It knows. It’s scary that it knows.

All in all, Beats is looking like the most rounded music subscription service. And the years of good press regarding Beats Headphones have only strengthened public perception of the brand. Beats Music launches Jan. 21.