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13th June 2012

Quote: "Yes, I did an episode of Doctor Who... I'm about to go to Canada for six months to film, but that got pushed by a month, so I had an extra month and they asked me to do an episode of Doctor Who and I love Doctor Who, I think it's fantastic." Actor Dougray Scott was delighted when filming for his latest project was delayed - because it allowed him to film a cameo for cult U.K. show Doctor Who.

12th October 2010

Fact: Michelle Williams and Dougray Scott turned heads in London's famous Bond Street by walking down the road arm-in-arm dressed as Marilyn Monroe and DOUGRAY SCOTT. The pair is filming new movie MY WEEK WITH MARILYN in the British capital.

7th June 2010

Quote: "They were very interesting individuals... What surprised me was how different they were from what I had expected. You expect to find... a gangster. Actually, what you find is a person who has a life, who has hopes and fears. There was even a gentleness to one of the guys I met, which was very unexpected." Scottish actor Dougray Scott was surprised when he met with convicted criminals for a TV role.

2nd June 2009

Fact: Actor Dougray Scott is fronting a new campaign to rally support for refugees. The star has filmed an advert urging users of social networking website to update their page to promote the British Red Cross' Look Behind The Label campaign.

1st June 2009

Quote: "I've been sent a lot of ladies' underwear in the past. I've even had proposals of marriage from complete strangers. They think they know you and have an affinity with you." British actor Dougray Scott is a hit with women.

10th April 2008

Quote: "Kilts aren't the most comfortable thing in to wear if the wind's blowing. But it's an interesting look because aren't supposed to wear anything underneath. My wife hasn't yet seen me in one. That's a treat she can look forward to." Desperate Housewives star Dougray Scott on treating his wife to a view of him in traditional Scottish attire.

5th December 2007

Quote: "I don't know why he's playing football (soccer) in Los Angeles. I don't understand." Scottish actor Dougray Scott is surprised English sports star David Beckham relocated to the U.S. to pursue his passion for soccer.

5th December 2007

Quote: "People demand to know what happens. I explain I'm not allowed to tell them and they suddenly become aggressive." Desperate Housewives star Dougray Scott is still struggling to come to terms with the popularity of the hit TV show.

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