It has to be said, the trailer for Last Passenger starts off being really annoying - a bellowing, rowdy group of friends are heading somewhere in a car - with amateur-style footage showing the antics of the passengers who are singing and laughing. The sound levels are grating and the camera shot is disorientating. We've heard that the film's about a train, but these people are clearly in a car. What's the point? Then comes the end of the 30 second teaser clip and our stomachs lurch; nothing could have prepared us for the shocking finale to what started off as a merry affair.

Last Passenger Poster

The title, Last Passenger, briefly flickers at the bottom of the dark screen and our blood runs cold for a few seconds. It's clearly a movie but the events looked too real to be fictitious. Have we mistakenly signed up for watching a snuff movie? Is this one of those police caution adverts warning kids not to play near tracks or drivers not to speed?

Watch The Last Passenger Trailer:

Last Passenger is apparently a mystery thriller feature movie and the directorial debut of Omid Nooshin, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Andy Love. Unsurprisingly, the filmmaking newcomer managed to rack up funds and interest by creating the 30 second teaser clip and letting it do the rest.

The movie follows a doctor and single father named Lewis Shaler, played by Dougray Scott, who is travelling by track when he strikes up a conversation with a girl named Sarah Barwell (Kara Tointon). Things are going well until it becomes clear the train guard is nowhere around and the train begins its dangerous journey with a driver who only has one thing on their mind: chaos.

Last Passenger will be released in the UK on 11th October.