Donnie Wahlberg was forced to defend his sexuality to his son, after Eminem included suggestive lyrics about him and his former New Kids On The Block bandmates on one of his tracks.

Wahlberg admits he rarely ever speaks to his children about his days as a pop heart-throb, but was forced to address it when his son XAVIER heard Eminem's 2000 track MARSHALL MATHERS.

He says, "(Xavier) was in school and I guess his friends were into Eminem, and Eminem did a little song and took a few swipes at us.

"My son came home and he said, 'Dad, you were in that group New Kids On The Block, right?' I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'Well Eminem, he did a song and he said you guys sucked a lot of... is that true dad?' I said, 'Some of us may have, son, but I didn't.'"