Brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are bringing a taste of their Wahlburgers fast food restaurant to the Tv after signing a new reality Tv deal with bosses at U.S. cable network A&E.

The two stars have signed on to appear in an unscripted series which will centre around the original family-owned diner in their native Massachusetts.

The siblings' brother Paul has run the place since it opened in 2011 and now a second location is set to open in Toronto, Canada early next year (14).

When the new show debuts in 2014, viewers will get a chance to keep up with Wahlberg family affairs and restaurant business.

Donnie Wahlberg confirmed the Tv series news during an appearance on Arsenio Hall's U.S. talk show on Monday (11Nov13), revealing he and his brothers and their mum Alma would all be part of the drama.

The New Kids on the Block star said, "It's going to be a lot of fun."

Wahlburgers is set to premiere on 22 January (14).

Meanwhile, Donnie is also onboard to executive produce another reality Tv venture, chronicling New Kids on the Block's recent fan cruise to the Bahamas.

Rock the Boat: New Kids on the Block will debut on America's TvGN network next year (14).