Jenny McCarthy would be "definitely welcome" in the Wahlberg family, according to Tracey Wahlberg. The television personality and model, McCarthy, began dating actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg, in July, 2013, but now his sister has announced that she is in full approval of the relationship.

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The New Kids on the Block singer has been inseparable from his new girlfriend, with the couple making a joint appearance on 'America's Watch What Happens Live' which took place on Tuesday 29th October, 2013. During the show, Tracey called into the talk show to express her consent to the couple.  

Host Andy Cohen asked Tracey if she would like to have McCarthy as a sister-in-law. Her response was: "I would love it. We have met and she's a doll. She's definitely welcome." Tracey followed with up by asking McCarthy what her brother's most disgusting habit was, although McCarthy found herself unable to think of anything she disliked about Donnie. Instead, she took the time to talk about all the things she did like about him.

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McCarthy gushed about her boyfriend, stating that: "I think everything about him is awesome. I think he's one of the most incredible men I've ever met in my entire life, I swear to God, and I don't think he has a disgusting thing at all. I know I'm ridiculous at times, but he has blown me away with what an incredible person he is. I've never been treated so wonderful (sic)."

The relationship comes after Wahlberg's previous marriage ended in 2008. McCarthy herself, a former Playboy model, has a series of pre-Wahlberg relationships under her belt. In 2005, she split up with the actor/director John Mallory Asher, the father of her son, Evan, and between him and Donnie she has had relationships with Jim Carrey and Brian Urlacher - an American footballer.