Donna Karan wants to find a ''balance'' in her work in 2013.

The 64-year-old designer - who created clothing labels Donna Karan New York and DKNY - is ''really excited'' about next year and cannot wait to use the next 12 months to try out new styles.

She told ''My resolution, and something I'm really excited about this year, is finding the balance.''

Donna isn't the only fashionista keen to explore new ideas in 2013 as Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa is hoping to get some design ideas on a trip to Bhutan.

He explained: ''I am planning a trip to Bhutan. I have always wanted to go there. I'm fascinated by the traditional way of life there and think it would be a beautiful place to explore.''

What's more, Roksanda Ilincic - who won the Red Carpet Award at the British Fashion Awards 2012 - also plans to use 2013 to explore more of the world.

She said: ''I will be visiting Vancouver, and then New York, Los Angeles, and Beijing - just in the first few months. Busy but exciting!''