Property tycoon Donald Trump's move to trademark his reality TV catchphrase "You're fired" has suffered a major setback, after attorneys rejected his bid.

Trump popularised the phrase earlier this year (04) when his show THE Apprentice became a massive hit. He decided to secure the phrase for games, but attorneys for the US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE have rejected his attempts.

Officials feared games bearing the two words could be mistaken for the already-trademarked FRANKLIN LEARNING's educational game board YOU'RE HIRED.

But this isn't the only wrangle Trump has faced in his attempts to secure the catchphrase. In March (04), SUSAN BRENNER, owner of the YOU'RE FIRED pottery shop outside Chicago, Illinois, feared Trump's attempts to trademark the phrase would hurt her business.

She tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "To me, it's a livelihood. To him it's a slogan."

Trump has two options to take, after the trademark decision: his attorneys can try to persuade the trademark office to overturn its decision, or he can buy the conflicting You're Hired trademark from Franklin Learning.

01/09/2004 02:39