Property tycoon Donald Trump has embarrassed his pregnant wife MELANIA, by declaring her expanding waistline makes her look "like a blimp".

The Apprentice reality TV star, 59, discussed the Slovenian model's appearance on shock jock Howard Stern's new K-Rock radio show yesterday (07DEC05), reports

Trump says, "You know, they just blow up, right?

"Like a blimp - in the right places. In her case, the right places. I mean she really has become a monster - in all the right places.

"I mean monster in the most positive way. She has gotten very, very large - in all the right places."

However, despite loving his wife's pregnancy shape, Trump says his crush on supermodel Heidi Klum has finished since she gave birth to her two kids LENI and HENRY.

Trump reveals, "I looked at her the other day, and it's off. There's no question."