In what is probably Funny Or Die's biggest masterpiece, Johnny Depp plays a very convincing Donald Trump in the 50 minute film 'Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie', a movie apparently based on the presidential candidate and business magnate's best-selling 1987 book.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump gets the Funny Or Die treatment

With a forward starring Ron Howard, the premise is that the film is a documentary shot by Trump himself in the 80s and was re-discovered at a yard sale. Indeed, the crew behind the parody have gone all out in the prosthetics department to make Depp look remarkably like the man himself - though he's no stranger to disturbing transformations after 'Black Mass'.

As an overview, the movie details various segments as Trump attempts to usurp ownership of the Taj Mahal Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. He goes over his life's work with various enthusiastic young boys (each of them replaced by Trump with the next because of their ethnicity) across several chapters with titles like 'The Art of Intimidating Rent Controlled Tenants', 'The Art of Suing Those Losers at the NFL' and 'The Art of Marrying a Gorgeous Immigrant'. There's a lot of hilariously idiotic lines dotted throughout, which director Jeremy Konner insists aren't a far cry from Trump's actual opinions.

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'A lot of what we put in a few months ago, we were shaking heads thinking Donald Trump wouldn't actually say something like this', he told the LA Times. 'And since then he's said all these things out loud.' Writer Joe Randazzo agreed with this sentiment, admitting that the real life Trump was even more ridiculous than they could've imagined. 'We kept having to go back and revise because Trump just kept saying crazier stuff', he added.

The film; which also stars Michaela Watkins as Ivana Trump, Patton Oswalt as Merv Griffin and Jacob Tremblay from 'Room' as Kid 4; is available to watch on the Funny Or Die website. Trump is yet to respond.