San Diego Comic-Con came through with plenty of exciting reveals this past weekend, and one of the biggest came during FOX's panel for their hit adult animated comedy series, 'Family Guy'. With season 17 of the show right around the corner, audiences are getting excited about just which parts of popular culture the creators will poke fun at this time round, and it would seem the 45th President of the United States isn't going to escape a prodding.

Will President Donald Trump respond to being made fun of in 'Family Guy'?Will President Donald Trump respond to being made fun of in 'Family Guy'?

Unafraid to tackle politics, 'Family Guy' will see Peter Griffin hired as Trump's new Press Secretary, with the family patriarch hand-picked by the President after showcasing his skills at lying under pressure. An "unfortunate encounter" with Trump was also teased for Meg, whilst it was announced the episode would come to a close with an "epic battle" between POTUS and Peter.

The decision to bring Trump into 'Family Guy' will of course be one met with controversy. His supporters will no doubt jump on creators for poking fun at the President, and it wouldn't be out of character for "The Donald" to respond himself on his social media channels.

Season 17 will also aim some of its humour at rapper Kanye West, streaming service Netflix, and hit sci-fi series 'Stranger Things'.

One of the sweetest reveals came in regards to the late Adam West, however. The actor had voiced the Mayor of Quahog in the series before his death, and now it's been announced that James Woods High will be renamed Adam West High in the upcoming batch of new episodes.

With the place for Mayor of Quahog now up for grabs, audiences will see Brian Griffin and Glenn Quagmire fight it out in a political campaign like no other. Exactly who'll win - if either of them are actually up to the job - remains to be seen. We can't wait to watch it all go down.

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'Family Guy' season 17 premieres in the US on FOX on September 30, 2018.