Don't Look Now, the classic 1973 horror movie starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, is to be remade at StudioCanal. Directed by Nicolas Roeg, the thriller is noted for its innovative edited and graphic sex scenes between the two leads.

Don't Look NowDon't Look Now originally starred Donald Sutherland

It followed a couple grieving the death of their daughter. While visiting Venice, the couple meets two nuns, one of which claims they can contact their late daughter "on the other side." However, the nun also gives the couple a foreboding message from the dead: their lives are in certain danger.

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Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman of The Picture Company are on board to produce the remake though no writer or cast is attached. Rona previously worked as producer on Scream 4, Equilibrium and Project X, while Heineman is best known for producing the action romps Non-Stop and The Gunman, starring Liam Neeson and Sean Penn respectively.

The pair are also attached to the Robin Hood film Nottingham & Hood at Disney as well as a remake of Escape From New York, at Fox.

"Like some manic slasher on the loose, Nic Roeg cuts compulsively, severing the natural arteries between cause and effect to expose a more irrational kind of narrative continuum...a true classic, worth looking at not just now but long into the future," said Little White Lies' Anton Bitel of the original movie.

"Don't Look Now uses the occult and the inexplicable as Henry James did: to penetrate the subconscious, to materialize phantoms from the psyche," said Jay Cocks of Time magazine.

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