Actor/rapper Donald Glover is set to live out his dream and suit up as comic book superhero Spider-Man in animated Disney series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

The Community star will bring to life the role he inspired, voicing Miles Morales, a teenager of Black Hispanic descent, who takes over the web-slinging alter-ego following the death of original protagonist Peter Parker, played in the show by Drake Bell.

The upcoming episode, which will air in the U.S. later this year (14), will feature Parker travelling to alternate dimensions and meeting other incarnations of Spider-Man.

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis came up with the idea of introducing Morales to the Ultimate Spider-Man series in 2011 after being inspired by Glover's efforts to land an audition for the title role for the rebooted film franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man. The coveted part ended up going to Andrew Garfield.

And Glover admits he is flattered to become part of the franchise he adored growing up.

He tells USA Today, "I never liked Superman that much, because I was like, 'Yo, this dude can't die. It's too easy.' Batman is pretty fly. He's a close second, just because he doesn't really have powers. He's just a justice-driven vigilante.

"Spider-Man is the best because you just don't know who he is, and he's funny and he's poor. I understand Spider-Man a lot on that level. He's just trying to make it."

However, Glover reveals he is still hoping to get the call to join the live-action movie series in the future: "I still have hopes to do something like that one day."