Everyone seems to be in agreement about Donald Glover: he’s an immensely talented man, who can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to. Hopefully, he’s just put his mind to freaking out his core fan group, because he’s certainly achieved that with his set of eerie Instagram photos.

Donald Glover Aka Childish GambinoHere's Donald Glover being Childish Gambino

The pics uploaded to the photo-sharing social networking site depict a load of handwritten notes with some pretty serious stuff written on them. No need to call the police just yet, but we’d keep the phone somewhere nearby. "I'm afraid my parents won't live long enough to see my kids," said one note.

See all of the notes here

"I'm afraid people hate who I really am," said another "I'm afraid people think I hate my race," he continued "I'm afraid people think I hate women," and, then: "I'm scared I'll never grow out of bro rape." That last one refers to an early sketch.

He didn’t stop there; in fact, there are about five different Instagram posts with the notes included. "I didn't leave 'Community' to rap," Glover, 30, writes. "I don't wanna rap. I wanted to be on my own." He also writes, "I'm afraid ['Community' creator] Dan Harmon hates me."

"I've been sick this year, I've seen a bunch of people die this year. This is the first time I've felt helpless. But I'm not on that," he adds.

Dan HarmonYou don't hate him, do you Dan Harmon?

The notes encouraged many emotional fans to ignore the fact they’ll never meet Childish Gambino – Glover’s rap pseudonym – and comment profusely, encouraging the ex-Community star to cheer up and reminding him of his talents.

He’ll probably read them and decide everything’s okay, in which case none of his problems are real. Or he’ll keep on going down this dark route, which would probably indicate some genuine need for help. Either way, Instagram isn’t the place.