The ever-troubled show Community has been dealt another blow as it was revealed that Donald Glover – a real fans’ favorite – is to appear in only 5 out of the scheduled 13 episodes of season 5. That’s right, you’ll be seeing less of Troy Barnes, but on the upside, you Glover fans will be seeing more of Childish Gambino – the multi-talented actor/musician’s rap alter ego.

Donald Glover Aka Childish GambinoHere's Donald Glover being Childish Gambino

Instead of just leaving the show, which isn’t a rare occurrence for Community – troubled as it is – no: Glover and Sony Pictures Entertainment have worked out a way for him to see out season 5 by appearing in 5 episodes. This will allow Sony to save some cash, which is never a bad things in these times of austerity, and allow Glover to focus on his surprisingly fragrant music career, which includes the track Freaks and Geeks – click on that with caution, you under-18s, you.

However many times Community has come back from untimely exits (see Chevy Chase), this will hit it hard; Glover and Danny Pudi formed a real rapport on screen, and were well on there way to forming another classic comedy partnership, like Laurel & Hardy, Larry David and Leon, Ren & Stimpy, or even Bert & Ernie.

Dan HarmonAnd here's Dan Harmon with his 'whatever man, just write it' beard

Dan Harmon – who recently did the show and its fans a favour by coming the hell back – didn’t directly reference Glover’s exit, but certainly pointed a finger at it with this Tweet: “Listen. It's Community. The day it's quiet is the day we need to panic. #sixseasonsandamovie #bestonecoming”