Harmon went on saying that he's been playing "phone tag" with Glover, and that he's currently in Australia recording a new EP. Glover, who goes by the stage name of Childish Gambino, recently released his second album, Because the Internet, back in December 2013. He's been making music for years, dropping a number of mixtapes until releasing his critically acclaimed and Glassnote Records debut, Camp. For Glover, a new EP will be following up his highest chart success yet - Because the Internet debuted at number seven on Billboard backed by his biggest single thus far, '3005.'

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Glover has also found himself in the news this weekend after a freestyle at a live show where he called out rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, saying that he's better than both of them. Eh. Not so fast, Glover. He's got a couple of fantastic songs for sure, but he's a little far from considering himself one of the best. Something that he IS one of the best at though? Comedy. And it's the very reason why he should make a return to 'Community.'

Donald Glover PicDonald Glover needs to come back to 'Community'

It'd be one thing if Childish Gambino songs were tearing up radio charts on every format imaginable, but he's kind of just barely scraping by, despite his material performing better than it has in his career. Not to mention, he's not on the best terms with his label, either. Last April, Glover made a string of tweets ranting about his label lying to him, and wanting to be bought out of his contract. With that said, he's got a lot of time to get back into the studio on a new label and churn out something that could take out Drake or Kendrick someday, but for now, he should focus on the area of entertainment that he does the best.

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With 'Community's hype at an all time high, Glover's return would make the season's debut even bigger, and it may just give Childish Gambino some extra attention when it comes down to making a new album afterwards. Regardless of what happens, when 'Community' returns in a couple of months, it's definitely going to be special - but the return of Glover to the cast will just make it even better.