'Community' is saved, but its resurrection isn't complete just yet. According to showrunner Dan Harmon, he's not content with just getting his show back - he wants Donald Glover back in the cast, too.

Community CastThe new season of 'Community' will premiere this fall

The cult sitcom was picked up for a new season last month by streaming service Yahoo Screen after NBC canned it, and it was a move that was widely praised. 'Community's upcoming sixth season will debut for everyone's streaming pleasure later this fall. Though all of the cast will return, Glover still won't. The 30 year old rapper/actor left the show last year and only appeared in five episodes last season before bidding farewell for good. But, with 'Community's new lease on life, Harmon is hoping things will change.

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“The first thing I want to do is get Donald Glover back,” Harmon told TVLine. "I would do anything to have him. I told Yahoo to do everything they could do to get him back for as much as we can get him." However, "as much as we can get him" basically translates into "I want him for the whole season," and who can blame him? "I think it would be lame to get him back for one [episode]. The whole episode would be dealing with him appearing, and then he'd be whisked away?," Harmon continued. Even if one episode of Glover is all we end up getting, it's certainly better than nothing, as Glover and his character Troy were the heart and soul of 'Community.' It's simply not the same without him. But is a return to the show a likely possibility, or is Harmon setting himself, and fans, up for heartbreak?

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