In another example of his general awesomeness, Donald Glover has made a girl scout’s day by buying up all 113 boxes of cookies that she needed to meet her target, after she went viral singing his Childish Gambino song ‘Redbone’.

Charity Joy Harrison went viral a few months ago, when her father filmed her rapping about selling cookies to the tune of his 2016 Childish Gambino hit single ‘Redbone’.

As a surprise for Glover when he appeared on Wednesday night’s ‘The Late Show’, host Stephen Colbert bought Charity out on his TV show to meet the rapper - and for her to offer him some Thin Mint cookies, brandishing an order form.

The star duly stepped up to the plate, buying all 113 boxes that she needed to sell to hit her goal, before passing out all the boxes to the audience.

Donald GloverDonald Glover bought all 113 boxes of cookies from the girl scout

Selling cookies in winter-time has been a rite of passage for girl scouts in America for over 100 years The money raised goes directly to the girl scout’s local branch and helps to fund trips, projects and summer camp opportunities for them.

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Glover, an actor, writer, director and rapper who is set to appear as a young Lando Calrissian in Disney's new Star Wars spin-off about Han Solo, is also due to return to the small screen in the coming weeks with the second series of his acclaimed FX show ‘Atlanta’, told Colbert about the strange pressures that come with being a rap star in 2018.

“Being a rapper is super awkward,” Glover explained to this host. “You’re in the video and you’ve got champagne and butts close to your face. And then you have to go to Whole Foods.”

“And [people are] like ‘You’re that dude,’ and you’re like, ‘Please, I just want to buy this ice cream.’ But they are like, ‘Yo, you have to be you right now, so let’s take this picture’. You’re like, ‘Alright’. You have to be that wrestler face, but in the real world all the time.”

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