Puerto Rican rapper/singer Don Omar is breaking his silence since he was hit with domestic abuse charges, using the drama of the past couple of months to focus on the future.

The Dale Don Dale hitmaker was taken into custody and hit with multiple counts of domestic violence and weapons charges following allegations he threatened his 26-year-old partner Rebeca Lopez in September (14).

He was later released on $600,000 (£375,000) bail but forced to wear an ankle monitor, which prevented him from leaving Puerto Rico, and was also placed on modified house arrest, a ruling that allowed him to leave his home for 13 hours per day.

Now Omar is opening up about his career-changing ordeal, telling EFE News Agency that he's taken the unplanned down time to recharge and figure out his priorities.

He says, "I've had over 45 days focusing on myself. I've had time to think about me, my career, what I want to do, and what I've been doing.

"Each day that passes, I feel more relaxed. Since the first day of the events, I decided to concentrate on my career - to the point where all I do is leave my house to go to the recording studio."

Omar is hopeful he can win his battle against Lopez, adding, "The prosecution must present a case against me. Otherwise, my charges will be dropped, and I can leave."

Since hitting him with the charges, Lopez has indicated she has no plans to pursue legal action against Omar, suggesting the incident was blown out of proportion.

In a post on her Facebook.com page she wrote, "I feel too much pressure and cannot stand for one more day what this has become. I cannot afford to hurt someone I love - much less interfere with his career... We all make mistakes and my heart will not let me. Inside me there is only forgiveness. I cannot continue with this process."