The stars of the show were filming the season two opening episode in the Big Apple and chasing "bad guys" down a street when the shoot was ruined by amorous fans.

Johnson recalls, "It was Downtown, near the Financial District, and there were these big buildings around us, and because we were pretty famous at the time we couldn't really go out and do the rehearsal, so they set the shot up... and 'Action...'

"We take off running and the windows opened up and panties started raining down. Not a hundred (but) thousands of panties started coming out of the buildings... There's panties falling on Philip's head, and so we get to end of this block and the director says, 'Cut', and I said, 'What was that?'

"We had to do it again of course... so the hilarious part was watching the production assistants and the assistant directors and everybody else go out and gather up panties off the street.

"We did it two or three more times and they ran out of panties."