The Wire star Dominic West is to race British royal Prince Harry across Antarctica as part of a charity challenge to reach the South Pole.

The actor and the Prince will both lead teams of wounded troops on a 208-mile (335-kilometre) trek for the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge.

Harry's team will be made up of British soldiers, while West will head up a unit from Commonwealth nations including Canada and Australia. A third team from the U.S. will also take part.

The expedition will take place in November (13) and December (13), and West has already been in training by trekking across glaciers in Iceland.

He says, "I agreed to do a walk to the South Pole with these wounded soldiers in December, so I'm trying to train for that at the moment."

A spokesperson for the challenge adds, "He (West) will be taking part in the full trek to the Pole, enduring gruelling conditions of up to minus 50 degrees. In fact, he has spent a week in Iceland for secret training on glaciers with his team."

Prince Harry took part in a previous trek to the North Pole in 2011, but had to withdraw early so he could attend his brother Prince William's wedding in London.

The challenge will raise money for charities to help wounded soldiers.