LOST star Dominic Monaghan is such a huge fan of THE Beatles, he has had lyrics from one of their most famous hits tattooed on his arm.

The actor collects tattoos during transitions in his life and famously had an elf symbol etched while filming the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

The new design reads 'Living is easy with eyes closed', a line from STRAWBERRY FIELDS.

Monaghan explains his choice, "Yes, it's a Beatles tattoo. I'm a huge, huge Beatles fan. You know how people believe in Christianity or Buddhism or Krishna, whatever. I kind of believe in the teachings of The Beatles. Especially Lennon - it's like a school of thought for me.

"When you look at The Beatles and what they symbolised, it's coming from a place of positivity and love, friendship and understanding. And that's a beautiful way to be."