British actor Dominic Cooper was almost hit by a glass when co-star Lara Pulver threw it at his head while filming their IAN FLEMING biopic.

The two actors star in Fleming, with Cooper portraying the James Bond author and Pulver playing Ann O'Neill, who has an affair with the writer before later becoming his wife.

Their relationship was peppered with bust-ups, and during one argument scene, Pulver got caught up in the moment and went off-script, throwing a glass at Cooper's head.

Although he was angry about the unplanned move, Cooper loved his co-star's moment of improvisation.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "It was amazing and great and in the moment. I ducked this flying object and got up enraged. All that was real. You're reacting and responding. You're angry they've done that... even though what you've just said provoked them.

"It makes it all the more exciting and real than if it was all methodically staged piece by piece, then it wouldn't have been to exciting to watch."