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7th March 2017

Fact: Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds is facing off against veteran action man Dolph Lundgren for the band's new video. The singer squares off with the actor, who played Russian fighter Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, in a futuristic boxing match.

11th August 2016

Fact: Expendables star Dolph Lundgren is stepping into the world of DC Comics after landing a guest role in hit TV series Arrow. The action man will portray an as-yet-unidentified villain in flashback scenes in the upcoming season five, which premieres in the U.S. in October (16).

30th April 2013

Fact: Veteran action men Dolph Lundgren and Ving Rhames are set to face off against each other in a new movie. The actors will lead the cast of writer/director Daniel Zirilli's Invincible.

7th August 2012

Quote: "I've sent him a note and I've donated some money to charity for his son, but I haven't talked to him and I wouldn't know what to say. What can you say?" Dolph Lundgren reflects on pal Sylvester Stallone's recent family tragedy - the action man's son Sage died last month (Jul12).

17th August 2010

Quote: "Big, dumb, blond Swede. That's been the stigma I've had for 25 years." Hollywood tough guy Dolph Lundgren, who has a master's degree in chemical engineering and speaks seven languages, insists his "dumb" reputation is unfounded.

14th July 2010

Fact: Scandinavian action man Dolph Lundgren once captained the Swedish national karate team.

1st February 2008

Quote: "I love drinking shots of tequila because I'm fond of the taste. I once downed 30 shots in one sitting." Action star Dolph Lundgren is proud of his drinking skills.

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