Dolph Lundgren wants to star in a He-Man reboot.

The 54-year-old actor is keen to take on the role of the titular character's father King Randor in the forthcoming remake of the 1987 movie 'Masters of the Universe', instead of reprise his role as the muscular superhero and wear loincloth on set for three months.

He told IGN: ''I think it's a good idea. I thought He-Man was a cool character, and I had fun doing it. I wouldn't wanna take my shirt off again for three months, wearing diapers or whatever it was I was wearing, loincloth. So I'd rather play the king. But yeah, good idea.''

While Dolph doesn't want to play He-Man in the future production, he believes the superhero will be a popular figure once again when he returns in a forthcoming movie, following in the footsteps of other characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man, who have appeared in recent films.

He added: ''You know, all of these old superheroes are coming back, and I'm sure that's one that people could enjoy.''

John M Chu, director of concert movie 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never', is set to helm Sony's 'Masters of the Universe' remake.

Frank Langella played He-Man's Arch Enemy Skeletor in the original movie and Courteney Cox starred as Julie Winston, one of the only human beings in the film.