Dolph Lundgren used his chemical engineering degree on 'The Expendables 2' set.

The Swedish actor - who stars alongside action movie heavyweights Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sequel to 2010's smash hit - gave up a career as a chemical engineer to pursue his acting dream, but says he still enjoys understanding the science behind the action scenes.

When asked whether the 54-year-old star ever used his brains on set, he told Red Bulletin magazine: ''I kind of did on 'Expendables 2', now you mention it! At one point in the movie, we're stuck in a cave.

''My character, Gunnar, has a bright idea: to use rock and dynamite to blow a way out of there.

''Whether it works or not in the film, I wont say, but as a chemical engineer, I can assure you that in reality we would all have died trying it.''

The 'Rocky IV' star also admitted that in spite of his heavy build and years spent as a bodyguard, he still gets hurt while filming fight scenes.

He revealed: ''When you get thrown, the momentum of your body falling is what hurts you. Kicks and punches are not as Dangerous as when you're doing the wrestling.

''The takedowns and slamdowns. That's when you get hurt.''

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