Give your mother something else to think about during these troubling times with our heartfelt Mother's Day playlist. Get her flowers as well though - we imagine she's expecting more than a few nice songs. And offer to do her shopping. She deserves it!

Photo Credit: PixabayPhoto Credit: Pixabay

Mama - Spice Girls

The Spice Girls' 1997 number one single from debut album Spice is all about how teenagers and mothers may clash, but ultimately children grow up to realise that they are grateful for all the discipline even if they hated it at the time. The song was particularly inspired by Mel B's relationship with her mother while she was growing up.

Oh Mother - Christina Aguilera

This song is for all the mothers out there who have taken the brave step of leaving an abusive household and it's supposedly based on Christina Aguilera's own experiences of domestic violence when she was just a child. Oh Mother was taken from the singer's Grammy-winning fifth album Back to Basics released in 2006.

Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton

This 1971 single from the album of the same name is one of the greatest mom stories of all time. It's the story of when Dolly's mother stitched her up a coat made out of rags while telling her the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colors, and although Dolly was thrilled with her new garment, she was confused to find the kids at school made fun of her. She came to realise that money is not what makes you rich, it's the love of the people around you which does. 

You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

Originally recorded by Secret Garden in 2002, of the 100+ covers that's been done since, Josh Groban's version is probably our favourite. Though the original story is a touching one; it was first performed at the funeral of Rolf Lovland's (one half of Secret Garden) mother. Since then it's seen numerous renditions from Westlife, Aled Jones, Celtic Woman, John Barrowman and more.

Mama's Song - Carrie Underwood

This is a daughter reassuring her mother that she has found the love of her life and she is safe in his hands - which is all any mother can ask for. It featured on Carrie Underwood's 2009 album Play On, and we just love that it's about how a mother-daughter relationship changes when they leave the nest.

Dear Mama - 2Pac

2Pac expresses his admiration for his mother on this track, where he reflects on all the trouble he's caused her despite how hard she worked to keep her family sheltered and fed in the face of poverty, drugs and a society that just didn't care. It was released in 1995 from his album Me Against the World; a year and a half before he was killed at the age of 25.

The Perfect Fan - Backstreet Boys

The final track from this boy band's 1999 album Millenium sees these popstars thanking their mothers for being the driving force behind their success; for being the ones who have cheered them on from the beginning. Truly, our mothers are the fans that should never take for granted.