Dolly Parton is to release a new song for her '9 to 5' musical exclusively in the UK.

The 72-year-old country legend revealed that she will be adding a new track into the stage show - which will launch at the Savoy Hotel from January 28 to August 31 - based on the 1980 movie of the same name.

Speaking on 'This Morning', she said: ''I'm gonna release a new song hopefully that's gonna drop into the new show over there [UK] that's not been played here in the States, so hopefully you'll have a little exclusive something.''

The musical, which will star Louise Redknapp, 43, Amber Davies, 21, and Brian Conley, 57, follows the story of three women facing sexist and egotistical bosses in the workplace.

Dolly admits that although times have changed since the release of the original film - which features music and Lyrics written by the 'Jolene' hitmaker - there is still progress to be made towards total equality in the workplace and with regards to harassment in the industry.

She said: ''It really is. It's amazing we did make a lot of changes at that time and we were out on a mission to try and make changes and things did change a lot.

''But they do need to change even more and especially now with the MeToo movement there's still a lot of the same things going on in the workplace.

''All the harassment and all the stuff that's going on now it kind of made sense of this to come out again and now.

''I think wherever you are in the world, we all have the same problems in the workplace and hopefully it will help with that.''

Although the show carries a poignant message, the 'Islands in the Stream' singer insists that the musical will still be fun and entertaining.

She said: ''It's very funny and very good. It's not just a big political statement. We made a good statement and we made a good message - but it's very fun and very entertaining.''

Dolly's last original music was on the 2016 LP 'Pure & Simple'.