Dolly Parton’s songs have been covered numerous times by a variety of different artists but now her lyrics are inspiring other parts of the entertainment industry, including film and television makers. Parton’s 1971 single, ‘Coat of Many Colors’, is acting as the basis for an upcoming film of the same name. The movie will be shown on NBC over the holiday period and promises to be a heart-warming family tale with a strong anti-bullying message.

Dolly PartonDolly Parton performing at Glastonbury in June 2014.

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Parton attended NBC’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this week. She was joined by Jennifer Nettles, who is set to star in the upcoming film. This is Parton’s first time teaming up with NBC and, speaking at the panel, she described the project as very “personal” to her. 

The song’s lyrics describe Parton’s relationship with her mother and relate a real life experience in Parton’s life. In 1955, Parton was eight years old and Parton’s mother stitched an elaborate coat for her. As her mother made the coat, she told Parton the story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours. Parton was hugely excited to wear the coat, which had taken months to make. Sadly, when she wore the coat to school, she was bullied by the other children.

"This little story just encompasses so many things," Parton said, as Rolling Stone reports. "It's an attitude. It's more than a song. It's about so much that we've forgot so much of these days, just to bring families together."

Parton also explained how this was a chapter of her life not many of her fans know about. However, the message in the song is clear and has made an impact on many people over the years who have felt bullied or put down. Parton explained the reaction of some of her fans whilst appearing at the panel.

"I've had so many people tell me through the years that this song itself has had a healing effect on them, whether it's about their race, their nationality, whether they were overweight or whether they were cripple, people just identify with it," Parton said. "When people make you feel less about yourself, it's a hard thing to deal with."

This is not the only song of Parton’s NBC are adapting into a film. They will also be making a film of ‘Jolene’. 

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