The country music legend Dolly Parton is promoting her new movie Joyful Noise and revealing a new tattoo in the process. The 65 year-old singer has often found her chest at the centre of media attention and now she has had it inked, with a "small bouquet of red flowers" according a New York post report.
Joyful Noise stars Dolly alongside Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan. The movie, about a choir quarrelling about the group's direction as they head toward a national competition, features Latifah & Parton singing together as the choir tackle gospel versions of a number of songs, including Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror'. Never one to miss an opportunity to show off her figure, Dolly Parton ensured that the film's costume designers altered her choir robe to accentuate her curves. And there are scenes in the movie that feature Queen Latifah's character (Vi Rose Hill) making jibes about the amount of plastic surgery that Dolly Parton's character (G.G. Sparrow) has undergone. On working with Latifah, Dolly said "We're from two completely different worlds.we're alike in that we are bighearted."
Parton went on to tell reporters that she would like to duet with another pop star - Lady GaGa, commenting "We'd be good together, don't you think?"